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IDEALVis: Intelligent Data Exploration and Adaptive MeaningfuL Visualizations

The goal of the IDEALVis project is to enable human-centered adaptive data visualizations that will facilitate more efficient and effective data exploration and analysis of complex and multivariate business datasets, in order to enable more effective decision making on critical business tasks.

The project is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Republic of Cyprus, Structural Funds of the European Union in Cyprus and the Cyprus Research and Innovation Promotion Foundation.

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IDEALVis objectives

Go beyond the state of the art in adaptive data visualization and personalization techniques

The combined project outcomes will generate new knowledge with regards to the consideration of individual differences in information processing as the core ingredient of the adaptation and personalization process of the related methods, tools and services.

Identify potential correlations of cognitive factors with data visualizations

Through a number of ecological valid experimental user studies that will be carried out iteratively throughout the life-cycle of the project, the research team will explore potential correlations of cognitive factors referring to high-level information processes as well as elementary cognitive processes with different kinds of data visualizations, in terms of type and complexity (e.g., network diagrams, area and radar graphs, bar and line charts).

Create a set of practical design guidelines

The project will create a set of innovative practical design guidelines suggesting how visual analytics can be enriched with personalization techniques and adaptive interventions and produce alternative interactive data visual designs that consider user’s individual differences as the core filtering parameters.

Develop a novel multi-dimensional human-centered user model

The project will define and develop a comprehensive model that quantifies cognitive factors related to information processing, decision making, problem solving and learning, domain expertise, and experience. The proposed user model will be created using psychometric tools embedded to the framework and real time tests and will be further validated with external devices such as the use of an eye-tracking system.

Quantify the User Experience and understand patterns in the interaction process

The objective is to quantify the user experience, analyze it using machine learning techniques and identify effective practices in exploratory data analysis. This in turn will produce a well- informed approach to exploratory data analysis. To inform the guidance process to the desired knowledge, the project will capture navigation patterns, resulting in an assessment and recommendation on the efficiency of the process, such as time for completion, suggested routes and experiences of users that share the same role, characteristics or expertise.

Evaluate the IDEALVis platform with real end-users

One of the main objectives of the project is to design, organize, and conduct one pilot trial, in order to evaluate and assess the platform’s usability and robustness in a real-life business setting using real datasets from at least two business domains provided by the end-user organizations (e.g., retail audit). This includes information on multiple dimensions, such as product, brand, distributor manufacturer and multiple metrics such as sales, sales volume, sales trends, stock levels, promotion efforts, and other associated aspects. The pilot trial will validate the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed adaptive interventions and rules and will also improve the robustness of the proposed platform.

develop an intelligent data analytics component that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the data exploration process

The project will explore techniques that allow users to reflect on their data exploration experiences and improve their practices, utilize existing knowledge and identify effective practices in the organization.

Design a set of novel personalization rules and adaptive interventions for data visualizations

The analysis of the impact of cognitive factors, domain expertise, and experience on understanding visualizations will yield a set of rules that recommend the best-fit data visualizations to the end-users by altering their structure and semantics (e.g., altering the type, complexity, proximity of graph entities, order of elements, density of colors, salience, proportion shifts, etc.).

Design and develop an open and flexible user-centered adaptive data visualizations framework

The project will design, develop and evaluate the IDEALVis framework that will dynamically adjust the content and interaction style of data visualizations based on users’ individual differences, the data characteristics (e.g., criticality, real-time, historical) and the task at hand (e.g., priority, time constraints).

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Graphical excellence is that which gives to the viewer the greatest number of ideas in the shortest time with the least ink in the smallest space

Edward R. Tufte

The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see

John Tukey

Visualization gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had

Ben Schneiderman

Data is the new oil? No, data is the new soil

David McCandless

Learn data, and you can tell stories that more people don’t even know about yet but are eager to hear

Nathan Yau


Kickoff Meeting
IDEALVis kicks off!

The IDEALVis kickoff meeting took place on 02/09/2019 at KPMG Cyprus.

We are hiring
We are hiring!

We are seeking an outstanding and highly motivated PhD candidate to join the InSPIRE team for the IDEALVis project.

More details here
Welcoming Christos in the Team

Christos Amyrotos, a UClan Cyprus graduate with a degree in BSc Computing joined our team as a PhD candidate on the 01/10/2019.

platform logo
Testing the IDEALVis Platform Version 1.0

On the 29/01/2020 the team did a final testing of the platform to ensure stability for the upcoming user study.

rai logo
User Study at RAI

The first phase of the user study took place at the premises of RAI Consultants on the 05/02/2020.

kpmg logo
User Study at KPMG

The second phase of the user study took place at the premises of KPMG Cyprus on the 10/02/2020.

deliverable 10
Deliverable 10 Completed

The Requirements Analysis and Specification deliverable was completed by 17/02/2020.

deliverable 18
Deliverable 18 Completed

The Specification of the overall platform architecture was completed by 22/02/2020.

deliverable 18.1
Deliverable 18.1 Completed

The Security and Data Protection infrastructure deliverable was completed by 24/02/2020.

deliverable 9
Deliverable 9 Completed

The survey on adaptive data visualization techniques for Business Data Analytics was completed by 10/04/2020.


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